Fall Banner DIY

Hey Everyone!

So this past weekend, I took out all of my Fall decor and decorated my apartment. I usually do this around September, but I never got around to it until just recently. I went on Pinterest to get some inspiration and found this cute Fall banner that you can print at home. Here’s how I created mine: wpid-wp-1445463841572.jpeg

First, I printed it out. If you would like this printable, go to www.dazzleexpressions.com. The full printable says Happy Fall, but I just printed out Fall.


After printing, I cut out each banner and pasted them on black cardstock paper. Then, I cut them out again leaving a small border around the banners.


This is how it came out. As you can see, it fits perfectly in the space on my bulletin board. To finish off my Fall look, I added some color leaves on top. (You can find these leaves in any dollar store.) Since Halloween is coming up, I used some stretchy spider web decoration also.

I really like how this came out. How are you decorating for Fall?



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