The Papered Lantern Sticker Review!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Having an extra day off for Columbus Day is always a plus.  Today I’ll be sharing some stickers from The Papered Lantern shop. I was lucky to be one of the selected to do this review.


These are all the stickers that I got in my package. I love how colorful and vibrant they are.  All are in a matte finish.


I can’t wait to use these stickers for my Fall bucket list.  🙂


From left to right: paw print, shopping cart and asterisk icon stickers. Each sheet has 144 stickers. Colors range from a soft pastel to bright and bold.


Here’s a closeup of the shopping cart icon stickers. These are great to use for grocery trips and Target runs. With Christmas right around the corner, I will be using these for sure!


I use arrow flag stickers a lot in my planner to mark days I’m either at work or school, so I was happy to see some in my package. Each sheet has 27 stickers and I love the assortment of colors.


These happy mail stickers are the cutest!


I also received this sampler of circles, checklist and teardrop stickers.

Overall, I think these stickers are wonderful. I love everything especially the bright colors. I’m definitely looking forward to using these in upcoming layouts. If you want to see how I use these stickers, make sure you are following me on Instagram If you want some stickers of your own, check out Sonya’s shop  The Papered Lantern on Etsy. She has a great selection to choose from. (You must see the Peppermint Bliss Decorative Kit!) Sonya was nice enough to provide an exclusive coupon code. Now until 10/31/15 use the code HEARTDREENIE20 to get 20% off orders $7 or more.



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