My trip to South Carolina + shopping haul!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Last weekend I went on a little getaway to South Carolina to visit my aunt and uncle. It was just the right time to clear my mind and relax before the start of school. I left New York Friday evening via Greyhound and arrived in Charlotte, North Carolina Saturday morning. From there, my uncle picked me up to continue into South Carolina.

The laid back atmosphere and scenery was great. I loved that all the craft stores were all in the same area. On Sunday, my aunt, uncle and I checked out a couple of stores after church. First store was Hobby Lobby. This was the store I heard so much about. There aren’t any in NYC, so I was really happy to finally go to one down there. Turned out that the store was closed! Although I was disappointed, I fully understood the company’s church and family values. (I was able to go on Monday before my trip back home though) 🙂 Michael’s was the next stop. I did some browsing, but since I saw a lot of the same things as the NYC store, I was not impressed. Lastly was Walmart. Just being in this store made me happy because there isn’t a store in NYC. I did find some things in their craft section.





I am loving my new supplies! Hobby Lobby is so awesome! I really love everything in there. I’m glad I decided to take a trip there before I left. New York needs this store! lol



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