DIY: Fall Paper Clips!

Hello everyone!

Since Fall is officially upon us, I decided to share this super easy planner DIY with you all today. 🙂 The last time I did a DIY with paper clips was almost a year ago, can you believe it?! (Check that one out here) This time around, I will show you a different technique that you may have seen before.


You will need:

Some large paper clips

Ribbon of your choice, but keep it Fall festive! 🙂


Hot glue gun and glue sticks

  1. Take your ribbon and cut about 4 inches off. Make sure to cut at a slant to prevent fraying.
  2. Take your cut piece of ribbon and center it on your paper clip, then bring one side of the ribbon around the clip and through to the top. Repeat on the other side.


3. Your paperclip should look similar to the one pictured. Add a drop of hot glue to make sure the ribbon stays in place.



For this clip, I did the same technique, but this time I used 3 different ribbons.

These small floral embellishments are great to use. All I did was add a little hot glue to the back to create beautiful paper clips.




Have a great weekend!



My trip to South Carolina + shopping haul!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Last weekend I went on a little getaway to South Carolina to visit my aunt and uncle. It was just the right time to clear my mind and relax before the start of school. I left New York Friday evening via Greyhound and arrived in Charlotte, North Carolina Saturday morning. From there, my uncle picked me up to continue into South Carolina.

The laid back atmosphere and scenery was great. I loved that all the craft stores were all in the same area. On Sunday, my aunt, uncle and I checked out a couple of stores after church. First store was Hobby Lobby. This was the store I heard so much about. There aren’t any in NYC, so I was really happy to finally go to one down there. Turned out that the store was closed! Although I was disappointed, I fully understood the company’s church and family values. (I was able to go on Monday before my trip back home though) 🙂 Michael’s was the next stop. I did some browsing, but since I saw a lot of the same things as the NYC store, I was not impressed. Lastly was Walmart. Just being in this store made me happy because there isn’t a store in NYC. I did find some things in their craft section.





I am loving my new supplies! Hobby Lobby is so awesome! I really love everything in there. I’m glad I decided to take a trip there before I left. New York needs this store! lol


Back to School 3 Part Series: How I Stay Organized

Happy Saturday!
Am I the only one wondering how is it Labor Day weekend already?! I don’t even remember September even starting, like really! Lol
Anyway, today I’m sharing some helpful tips that has helped me organize my life better. Since this is apart of my Back to School mini series, these tips can definitely be applied to students as well.

1. Use a planner

Having a planner is the number one way I stay organized. When managing life, school, work etc. it can be likely to forget something important. My planner is my life in a nutshell. Everything that I need to remember is in there.
Your planner doesn’t have to be a fancy one. You want one that works for you. Make sure it’s one that you feel comfortable writing in consistently.
As we already know, I enjoy decorating my planner with cute stickers and washi tape. However I still need to have that balance of functionality. You may also like to try color coding. It’s a cute and simple way to jazz up your planner without all the bells and whistles. When I started my planner, I tried color coding, but it never stuck. I still use colorful pens just because they’re fun!

2. Write out a master to do list and a weekly to do list


I love writing lists! I can write out lists all day if I could lol. I’ve learned from other planner girls, that having a master to do list is great. This is a list of everything that needs to get done, but with no specific deadline. Each week when I sit down and plan, I make sure I review my master to do list and check off any tasks accomplished and what still needs to be completed.
A weekly to do list is the pretty much the same concept. The only difference is that these tasks must be completed by the end of the week, but in no specific order.

3. Create a bulletin board

I have a large bulletin board that was already in my apartment. It hangs visible in my kitchen and I am able to see it daily. I keep my wall calendar as well as my vision board for this year along with other inspiration. You can create your board pretty much anywhere just as long as it is easily visible. If you want to take a look at my 2015 vision board, click here.

4. Take a photo of your to do list and use it as your phone background

I got this idea from Sarah Belle and it’s so genius! We are always looking at our phones for one reason or another. Having your daily to do list as your phone background is a great way to stay focused on the tasks at hand! 🙂

5. Keep a small notebook for your brain dumps


I mentioned having this notebook before. For those who aren’t familiar with a brain dump, it’s basically jotting down all of your ideas, thoughts, and randomness in one notebook. Mine is a notebook from the Target dollar spot. The notes are not pretty, but it’s not supposed to be. This notebook is simply to write all thoughts on paper resulting in a clearer mind. 🙂

Well I hope you guys liked my tips and are able to apply it to your daily life. Have a wonderful, long weekend!