Back to School 3 Part Series: Mini Staples Haul

Hi everyone

Welcome to the first part of my Back to School mini series. Today I will show you a couple of items I recently purchased at Staples.

Around this time every year is the whole BTS (Back to School) vibe, and although I wasn’t going to school anymore, I still enjoyed the end of summer feeling and the transitioning into the cozy-Fall season. However, this year I will be attending school! It is a 5 month training course in Business Administration and I am really looking forward to it. With that said, I didn’t need to go all out on getting school supplies. I just picked up the following items:



As we already know, all of the major office supply stores are having awesome sales for school supplies. I was definitely tempted to get more things, but I was a good girl. Lol. The 2-pack of heart Post-Its were on sale for $2.00, the purple folder was 99 cents (I started to get the paper folders advertised for 15 cents, but I like this one better because it’s more durable.) The notebook, which was on sale for $3.00, is what I am really excited about.


Being that I haven’t bought a regular school notebook in a while, I was kind of overwhelmed with the different choices offered. I picked this one out and I am very pleased. I have 1-subject, but I believe they have 3-subject and 5-subject as well. It is a college ruled spiral-bound notebook with a cover to protect the spine. It includes page flags, a snap in ruler (oh, how we love our snap in rulers!) with folder and perpetual calendar! I love that because I wanted a way to keep track of assignments without having to buy a whole new planner. I was going to do my own DIY if I had to, but now I don’t have to! Here are some close-ups of the inside:


You can replace the page flags if you like, and how convenient is the little pocket below. Perfect for some sticky notes!



Easy snap-in ruler and folder are great! They are both made of durable plastic. 🙂


Perhaps the best thing about this notebook in my opinion is this awesome 6- month perpetual calendar. This is perfect for my time in school.

So that’s my mini haul. I think I did extremely well with only getting things I needed. What is your favorite school supply? Leave your comments below. In the next post, I will show you how I set up my notebook. See you then!



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