Back to School 3 Part Series: Notebook Setup

Happy Friday,

In part 2 of my 3 part series, I will show you all how I decorated and set up my notebook for class. If you haven’t checked out part one yet, click here. So as you guys know, I will be taking a 5-month course in Business Administration, and purchased an awesome notebook from Staples. This is how I decorated my notebook with items I already had on my desk.


This pocket is great for these to-do list sticky notes. The page flags were included with the notebook. How cool is that?!


The snap-in ruler and folder looked too plain for me, so I just added some of my favorite floral washi tape to jazz it up.


I love how this came out. I used the back of the snap-in folder to create this dashboard.

I hope you guys enjoyed and got some inspiration from how I decorated my notebook. My next post will be my tips on staying organized. See you then!



Back to School 3 Part Series: Mini Staples Haul

Hi everyone

Welcome to the first part of my Back to School mini series. Today I will show you a couple of items I recently purchased at Staples.

Around this time every year is the whole BTS (Back to School) vibe, and although I wasn’t going to school anymore, I still enjoyed the end of summer feeling and the transitioning into the cozy-Fall season. However, this year I will be attending school! It is a 5 month training course in Business Administration and I am really looking forward to it. With that said, I didn’t need to go all out on getting school supplies. I just picked up the following items:



As we already know, all of the major office supply stores are having awesome sales for school supplies. I was definitely tempted to get more things, but I was a good girl. Lol. The 2-pack of heart Post-Its were on sale for $2.00, the purple folder was 99 cents (I started to get the paper folders advertised for 15 cents, but I like this one better because it’s more durable.) The notebook, which was on sale for $3.00, is what I am really excited about.


Being that I haven’t bought a regular school notebook in a while, I was kind of overwhelmed with the different choices offered. I picked this one out and I am very pleased. I have 1-subject, but I believe they have 3-subject and 5-subject as well. It is a college ruled spiral-bound notebook with a cover to protect the spine. It includes page flags, a snap in ruler (oh, how we love our snap in rulers!) with folder and perpetual calendar! I love that because I wanted a way to keep track of assignments without having to buy a whole new planner. I was going to do my own DIY if I had to, but now I don’t have to! Here are some close-ups of the inside:


You can replace the page flags if you like, and how convenient is the little pocket below. Perfect for some sticky notes!



Easy snap-in ruler and folder are great! They are both made of durable plastic. 🙂


Perhaps the best thing about this notebook in my opinion is this awesome 6- month perpetual calendar. This is perfect for my time in school.

So that’s my mini haul. I think I did extremely well with only getting things I needed. What is your favorite school supply? Leave your comments below. In the next post, I will show you how I set up my notebook. See you then!


Birthday Pocket Letter!

Happy Sunday!

It’s quite unbelievable that my birthday is in eight days, and to be turning 27 at that! Where is the time going?! I was just 25 like yesterday! Lol. I love to plan out my week, but ironically I don’t like planning elaborate celebrations such as birthdays. I just like having a very chill day and some birthday cake!

I recently did a pocket letter swap with Nicole, who blogs over at The Paper Baker . She is incredibly talented and her paper craft projects are awesome so definitely check out her blog 🙂 She sent me a lovely birthday themed pocket letter.





Thank you so much for this beautiful pocket letter Nicole!


Happy Mail Part Two

I hope everyone is having a great Saturday. My day has been an emotional one to say the least. My boyfriend’s memorial took place today. One thing that did make me smile was the fact of seeing a butterfly fly right in front of me. For those who don’t know, butterflies are believed to be a spiritual sign that your deceased loved one is watching over you. I truly believe that he was trying to let me know that he is in Gods hands, and to not be sad.

Being apart of the planner community has definitely kept my spirits up, and motivates me to keep moving forward. I purchased a couple of Target goodies from a lovely girl online because I was unable to find them locally. As we were chatting back and forth, I told her what had happened with my boyfriend. When I received the package, I was so speechless at the amount of things she included extra.


wpid-wp-1439565570111.jpeg wpid-wp-1439565491200.jpegwpid-wp-1439565694352.jpeg



Happy Mail Part One


In the past week or so, I have been receiving some awesome happy mail, and I wanted to share it with all of you.

I participated in the first planner swap in the NY/NJ planner group, and I absolutely love everything she gave me!



These Hello Kitty stickers are so cute! I can never have enough Hello Kitty.


I’m always a fan of bright deco tape. I also love the animal print embellishments.


These NY stickers are awesome! I see myself using them for upcoming pocket letters.

My next package came from a dear penpal of mine. She is such a sweet woman. In her package she included a nice card.



How cute are these stickers?! I already started using the robot ones for a weekly layout dedicated to my boyfriend.


Here’s a close up of the kitty stickers.


I got page flags! Finding page flags in any of my Targets are extremely rare. I found some one time and that’s it, so for her to include a whole pack of them is very thoughtful. 🙂

The next post will be part two of my happy mail. I can’t wait to share that with you all! See you then.


5 Signs You Are a Planner Girl

Hey there!

It’s been a little over a year now since being introduced to the wonderful world of planners, and since then I have definitely developed certain “planner girl” traits. Lol. Here are my five ways you can tell if you are a planner girl:

1. You buy a new planner knowing you don’t need another one!

Yes, we have all been there! You feel content with one planner, and then all of a sudden, you see another beauty. You have to have this planner because it’s so pretty and you start thinking of what to use it for. You think about it constantly until you give in. Another one for the planner stack!

2. Digital Calendar < Paper Planner

Everything about this digital age is awesome..except for the calendar/ to-do apps. I tried to use Google calendar for about a week, trying to replicate everything in my planner. I even tried color coding. If you agree to having an actual paper planner to write in until your heart’s content, then you are a planner girl for sure.

3. Two words: Page Flags!

If you know the significance of page flags, then I don’t need to say anymore. Lol

4. The never-ending washi tape story

I honestly had no idea what washi tape was before the planner community. I heard the name from time to time, but never thought twice about it. Now I have to keep finding bigger storage because my collection keeps growing! The struggle is real. Lol

5. Etsy is your best friend…or worst enemy

Etsy is hands down the best place to find planner supplies. What I like most is that you are supporting small businesses and who doesn’t love that. The downfall? When you are attempting a no-spend month yet again and your favorite Etsy shops are having flash sales.

Well I hope everyone enjoyed my list. Have an awesome Saturday!


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Rest in Paradise baby

Hi everyone,

Last Monday July 27th, I lost the man who I love and care about. It’s been so hard to grasp the fact that he is gone. I miss all the fun and silly times we had, he was such a kid at heart. Lately I’ve been taking it a day at a time. I am so thankful for the support I’ve gotten from family and friends, especially my mom. God continues to strengthen me each day and pushes me to go on.


The planner community also deserves a special thank you. I was so discouraged and upset that I didn’t even want to use my planner or blog again. Heidi Swapp recently lost her son Cory, and she has been going through a lot also. I reached out to her on Instagram, and she replied back! She is truly an amazing and inspirational woman,


Once I started to pray for strength, I began to realize that Marvin would’ve wanted me to continue doing what I love. He went through a lot during his life and was definitely a fighter. That was one of the things I admired about him. He taught me so much about not giving up.

Hug the ones who are close to you and always say ‘I love you’ because you never know when you will lose them..