NYC Pretty Planner Party!

Last Friday I got to attend my first ever planner meet up in New York. Monet, PrettyPinkPlanner on Instagram hosted the event and I met some wonderful ladies. The most amazing part was finally meeting girls who have the same passion for planning and decorating as I do! NY is such a big city, so I am thrilled that I found some new planner sisters that live close by. Karolina of Karolina’s Krafts was there too! She is so sweet and I am so happy to have met her and everyone else that day. It’s cool to finally see people you follow on social media in person.

The atmosphere was perfect as we all introduced ourselves and chatted about our different planners and swapped goodies with one another. Speaking of goodies, each of us received an awesome goody bag to take home. Here is what I got:



Thank you to everyone for making the goodies bag bomb dot com lol

If any of you are in the New York or New Jersey area and planner obssessed, I would join the Facebook group NJ & NJ Planners Group.




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