Mini cuteness haul!

Hi everyone,

I know it’s been a little while since my last post, and I do apologize for that. Currently, I’ve been working longer hours and on top of that trying to search for an apt. Although I am really excited about the move to a bigger apartment, the actual search has been challenging. With that being said I will still try to post at least once a week.

Before I get into the haul, I just wanted to say that this month makes a year since starting my planner/ crafting obsession, and being introduced to the wonderful planner community. All of you ladies continue to inspire me ❤

So I haven’t really been spending money on planner related things because like I said I’m in the process of looking for another apt and the cost to move is expensive. However, today Marvin and I walked over to Marshall’s just to get out of the house for a few. Their selection wasn’t as great as the last time I went a couple of months ago. Nonetheless, I was able to pick up a couple of things.



These super cute storage containers from Recollections are actually from Lot Less. They were $2.99 for a pack of three. Pretty sweet deal!



I am so in love with this notepad set! It was the only one left and I couldn’t resist. I love anything with cats!


I picked up some birthday cards as well to give to some of my pen pals.


I’m really happy I got this. I may use this as a dashboard or folder.




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