This Kenneth Cole tote screams Spring!

I haven’t bought a bag in quite a while. I believe the last bag I purchased was a Steve Madden satchel back in December. I’m in love with this Kenneth Cole tote. It is made of faux leather and feels soft to the touch. The color and simple detailing is the main reason why I had to have it. It is a bright coral color that makes me smile every time I look at it.


Now, I had no intentions what so ever to get a bag, it just kind of happened. I had some time to kill before work on Friday and decided to stop in Lot Less just to browse. I grabbed a few small things and proceeded to the check out line. Then when I looked to my left, I saw this beauty on the shelf along with other Kenneth Cole bags. Originally $99.99, at only $29.99 you can’t go wrong.

wpid-wp-1429478623270.jpeg wpid-wp-1429478767350.jpeg wpid-wp-1429478539087.jpeg

It has plenty of space to fit your every day essentials, planner accessories and then some. I’m so happy for my purchase. It will definitely be a Spring/ Summer staple for me this year.




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