30 Days of Lists Week 3

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to week three of 30 Days of Lists series. Like I said in my last post, I am posting week three today because I was kind of behind in posts. Here is March 16- 22.


Now that I’m a little older and have more responsibility I have to be more conscience of what to purchase. I’ve realized that spending money when I’m down is only a temporary fix.


I included to be continued because I am still exploring what life has to offer.


It is so sad that I’ve had my acoustic guitar for three years but I haven’t attempted to really learn. That is definitely on my bucket list.


Growing up I loved all boy bands. I was such a teenybopper. In high school, I loved all kinds of music. I am still a huge Backstreet Boys fan.


This purchase isn’t big in a monetary sense, however it is a big deal for me. HerConference is an annual conference hosted by Her Campus and it’s all about career advice and networking.  It will be my first conference I attend so I know it will  both informative and fun!


Last week I had so much on my mind, and I was overwhelmed, This list just shows what I did to calm myself.


I always have trouble with this one, but as I get older, I am able to handle it better.

That’s all for week three. Check back on Monday for the last installment of 30 Days of Lists!




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