30 Days of Lists Week 1.


Here’s how my first week of 30 days of Lists went:

day 2

These two are definitely not impossible to accomplish, but I have a very hard time being successful. I do continue to work on it though.

day 3

Ok, my jams are currently all over the place. My music taste is very broad, so I can listen to 90s one min and then change it up to something real old school. I love more of the old stuff, can you tell? lol

day 4

I loved this prompt! The planner and blogging community is always so welcoming. I am so glad to be apart of these communities. Here is the list of Facebook groups you can join:

Planners, Journals and Everything in Between!

Backstreet Girls

Pocket Letter Pals

Rak Swap: Wake up your Mailbox

KikkiK Planner Love

day 5

This list is some things I enjoy about Winter. I also like being nice and cozy at home.

day 6

I can’t wait to get my hands on these books!

day 7

My boyfriend and I have our own “language” lol. I love our inside jokes.


I love how the art of writing letters is making a huge comeback. Sending and Receiving letters is a great feeling.

Check back next Monday for week 2 of my 30 Days of Lists Series!




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