30 Days of Lists Week 3

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to week three of 30 Days of Lists series. Like I said in my last post, I am posting week three today because I was kind of behind in posts. Here is March 16- 22.


Now that I’m a little older and have more responsibility I have to be more conscience of what to purchase. I’ve realized that spending money when I’m down is only a temporary fix.


I included to be continued because I am still exploring what life has to offer.


It is so sad that I’ve had my acoustic guitar for three years but I haven’t attempted to really learn. That is definitely on my bucket list.


Growing up I loved all boy bands. I was such a teenybopper. In high school, I loved all kinds of music. I am still a huge Backstreet Boys fan.


This purchase isn’t big in a monetary sense, however it is a big deal for me. HerConference is an annual conference hosted by Her Campus and it’s all about career advice and networking.  It will be my first conference I attend so I know it will  both informative and fun!


Last week I had so much on my mind, and I was overwhelmed, This list just shows what I did to calm myself.


I always have trouble with this one, but as I get older, I am able to handle it better.

That’s all for week three. Check back on Monday for the last installment of 30 Days of Lists!




30 Days of Lists Week 2

Hi everyone!

I am really sorry for not posting last week. I was feeling down about some personal things, and it made me discouraged about a lot of things including my blog. Today starts a new week, and I’m feeling much better than I did before. So with that said, let’s get into my lists for week two.

day 9

Although it is never too late to go back to school, it would definitely be much harder balancing work full-time and college full-time. Have any of you done both at the same time? How did you manage? I would love to read your stories in the comments section!


I love adding these hashtags to my Instagram photos!


Like this post if you can relate lol

day12Whenever I go on vacation, I know it will be a story to tell. I’ve never been to Disney World, so I would love to capture the moment. My goal is to finally go for my 30th birthday (I will be 27 this year.) Plenty of time to start saving lol. How many of you have been to Disney World?

I want to start a weight loss journal soon. Lately I’ve been on Pinterest looking at everything health & fitness related to pin on my board. I am also looking for printables. If anyone has a weight loss journal or know of some good printables, leave a comment. 🙂


Ask me about these three things a couple of years ago, and you would see a screwed up face lol. But, that goes to show that the saying ‘Never say never’ is indeed true, I am a prime example. Growing up I never ate beans. As an adult I didn’t eat them either until I met my boyfriend Marvin. He is Puerto Rican so he loves beans of course lol. I decided to try them one day and never looked back! I found out that they are not bad at all and healthy too.

I know it may be hard to believe but there was a point when I hated the color pink. In high school I had an obsession with blue. I loved light blue, or baby blue as I would say back then lol. My clothes were blue, school supplies blue, everything! I’m not sure exactly when I started to like pink, but it just happened and now it is definitely my favorite color.

Looking back now, I can’t believe how my attitude towards pit bulls were. Stereotypes on those dogs were the main reason for me not liking them before. I’ve come to learn that pit bulls are such sweet dogs and very loyal. I don’t have one of my own, but seeing how they interact with their loving owners makes me want one. Some day, hopefully.


I really want to get more into cooking, especially if I want to eat healthier. As far as writing, I think I am a pretty good writer, but I can always improve. I love photography. I had the chance to take a photography class in college, but I didn’t do so well. What I did learn is that there’s plenty more to it than just point and shoot lol. This list would not be complete without wanting to know everything about planning and organizing. There is still a lot to learn. How do you plan and organize your day?


The last two on the list are pet peeves of mine. I live in an apartment, so you can just imagine how annoying that could be. Luckily, I don’t encounter that too much.

Well that is all for week two. I hope you all enjoyed. Since I am a bit behind in posting, I will post week three (March 16-23) on Wednesday! See you then!



30 Days of Lists Week 1.


Here’s how my first week of 30 days of Lists went:

day 2

These two are definitely not impossible to accomplish, but I have a very hard time being successful. I do continue to work on it though.

day 3

Ok, my jams are currently all over the place. My music taste is very broad, so I can listen to 90s one min and then change it up to something real old school. I love more of the old stuff, can you tell? lol

day 4

I loved this prompt! The planner and blogging community is always so welcoming. I am so glad to be apart of these communities. Here is the list of Facebook groups you can join:

Planners, Journals and Everything in Between!

Backstreet Girls

Pocket Letter Pals

Rak Swap: Wake up your Mailbox

KikkiK Planner Love

day 5

This list is some things I enjoy about Winter. I also like being nice and cozy at home.

day 6

I can’t wait to get my hands on these books!

day 7

My boyfriend and I have our own “language” lol. I love our inside jokes.


I love how the art of writing letters is making a huge comeback. Sending and Receiving letters is a great feeling.

Check back next Monday for week 2 of my 30 Days of Lists Series!



Huge Planner Goodies Haul!

Purchasing items for my planner is always pure bliss! Especially when I’ve been eyeing something and finally find it in store. Today I am sharing my very successful planner goodies haul 🙂

Earlier in the week I stopped in Lot Less with no intentions of getting anything planner related because they don’t carry much besides regular office supplies from time to time. However, I was so surprised to find that they had a little craft section! I must say it was a pretty good selection. K&Company embellishments and Martha Stewart stickers for 99 cents?! yes, please! I also got this super cute Bonnie Marcus notebook, and some other stickers.


A couple of days later, I stopped in Target, very optimistic to find some of the spring dollar spot stationery I’ve seen so much in the Instagram planner community. Again, I was really surprised to find so much.



The magnetic white board was actually my boyfriend’s idea to get. I am glad he suggested it because it is the perfect size to use for meal planning. It was on clearance for $2.18. Can’t beat that! The letter M is something I picked up for a planner buddy of mine. I will probably decorate it some more before I send it out to her. Isn’t that Easter stamp set adorable? It was the only one left, so I had to grab it, and the cute bunny erasers I got because…they’re cute bunny erasers lol.


I didn’t go too crazy with notepads. I just picked up my absolute favorite ones.


I’m so happy to have these sticker books. One of the reasons why I love the Dollar Spot!


The colorful gel pens and floral print pens were really what I was in search of. I like them so much that I would’ve bought them online for double the price. I’m glad I didn’t though lol.


I got this Hello Kitty sticker book. Yea Christmas is over, but I couldn’t pass this up!


These are not planner related, but still cute. I think I have these Dollar Spot dish towels for every holiday now. I love EOS lip balm. The 2-pack was only $4.99.

I hope you enjoyed my haul. I really want to go to Michael’s next to see what they have, but I’m trying to hold off a bit. We’ll see how long I can last haha!



Her Campus Guide to College book!

Hi everyone!

Just last week I got introduced to HerCampus.com and I became instantly in love with the site. Her Campus is a global community for college women that is written by top college journalists from around the world. How cool is that?! They cover topics such as campus life, health, beauty, entertainment and pretty much everything in between. Reading the articles really wish I was back in college again!

I’m really happy to know that they are releasing a book soon. It’s called Her Campus Guide to College: How to Manage Relationships, Stay Safe and Healthy, Handle Stress, and Have the Best Years of Your LIfe. Although I’m not in college anymore, I do have younger sisters, and friends that could definitely benefit from having this book. I believe if you love the site, you will love the book! It hits stores on April 4th, but I’m going to pre-order mine. Vsit  hercampus.com/book to reserve your copy today and be one of the first to receive it when it comes out!



30 Days of Lists Series!

Hi everyone and Happy Sunday!

March 1st is finally here and I am happy for a number of reasons. It means that Spring is right around the corner. I cannot tell you guys how much I’ve wanted warmer weather, and by warmer I mean anything above 35 degrees at this point! LOL it has been such a cold February, I’m so over Winter. The other reason for my happiness? 30 Days of Lists!

30 Days of Lists is a semi-annual journaling challenge in list form. It was created by Kam of Campfire Chic and Amy of Lemon and Raspberry. Each day there is a new prompt, and it only takes about five to ten minutes to jot down your list. This is my first time participating! I thought about creating a physical book, but at the very last-minute I decided to take it digital since I love graphic designing.


Here’s day one, I like how it came out! Starting March 9th and every Monday this month, I will post my progress from the previous week.

Have a fabulous night!