My first Kikki-K planner arrived!

Happy Monday!
After a long debate on whether I should purchase a Kikki-K planner, I finally gave in. I saw that they were having a 50 percent off sale and figured this would be the best time to say yes. I’m so glad that I did. Once I placed my order, the excitement grew more and more each day. I spent a lot of my days watching unboxing and decoration videos.



It arrived on Saturday, and she looks even better in person! I got the Kikki-K personal planner in lilac. I named her Laila ❤


The personal size is equivalent to the A5 size Filofax. The first three sections are 1. Calender 2. Meeting 3. To-do and the other four sections are for notes, but I will be changing that up quite a bit. Two notepads come included, a small one in the front, and larger one in back. It also comes with three sheets of cute stickers.








I can’t wait to start personalizing her! To be continued…






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