Kikki-k Love Movement excitement

Hey everyone!
I’m here to tell you about this great thing Kikki-K is doing. For those not familiar with this brand, they are a company based out of Australia. Since I’ve gotten more into planners, I noticed that Kikki-K is one of the most popular planners around. Their planners are so chic and elegant. That is what conviced me to purchase my first one! More about that in a later post πŸ™‚
So a couple of days ago, Kikki-K introduced the Love mail movement right in time for Valentine’s Day, and their Valentine stationary collection. The goal is to encourage people to simply write notes again. I’m always one to be involved in the digital world, but I recently got into penpaling, and it’s such a great feeling to receive a letter that is not a bill. I think that is what Kikki-k is trying to promote, not to let the art of writing letters fade away. Yea an email is quick, but there is nothing like taking the time to write a letter to a friend. The anticipation of receieving a letter, and then the happiness that is felt when it arrives.


For more information click here!


On Instagram, I made my promise to commit to pen and paper.


I was one of the lucky ones to get a Valentine’s card and pen from them!
I think they fullfilled their giveaways, but you can still share the movement on Instagram and Twitter with #Kikkiklovemail



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