How to start off your planner + Free printables!

Hello to all my planner friends!

This post is definitely my favorite to write about. I get so excited talking about my planner and how I decorate. The topic of this post came from a conversation that started in a planner group on Facebook. The girl was amazed at how creative you could get with your planner. She wanted to start, but didn’t know how to. I believe we’ve all been in her shoes lol. Even I’m still learning different techniques in how to plan effectively.

Choose your planner

This one is the most obvious. There are so many different planners out there, Filofax, KikkiK, and Erin Condren are just a few that seem to be dominating the world of planners. They are a bit on the pricey side though. If you are just starting out, I would suggest buying an inexpensive planner. The reason why you ask? So you can have a feel of planning before committing to an expensive planner you may not like. Plus they have tons of cute designs and sizes to choose from. I have a Mead planner from Target that I am still using until June of this year. (If you want to take a look at my planner click here) I contemplated with getting an Erin Condren planner months before finishing my current planner, but I’ve learned to love my planner a lot. I’ve customized it so much. It’s my first baby! πŸ™‚

“Play around” with your new planner

When I say play around I mean start getting a feel of how you want to organize your day. It took me a few months to be content with the way I lay out my week. When I first started, I tried the color code system, but I found that it wasn’t for me, for others it may be. I use a lot of different color pens, but some of you may like to use only black and blue. The point is everyone is different and unique with how they like to plan. There is no right or wrong way to plan, have fun with it!

The fun part…decorating!

I love decorating my planner. If you are just starting out, I suggest going on Instagram, Pinterest or Youtube and search planner decorating. Believe me you will be so inspired! I like to decorate with stickers and washi tape. My favorite store for planner accessories is Target. Their one spot dollar section always have the cutest stationary things for your guessed it, a dollar!

Decorating makes my planner so inviting. It also encourages me to do tasks and stay motivated. I designed these to-do list printable for everyone to enjoy! I hope you liked my tips on how to start planning. Don’t forget to head over to Emily’s page to see her views on planning.



to do printable


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