Action Goals? What’s that?

Good afternoon everyone!

Okay, so you have your goals in place, now what? In today’s post, I’ll talk about action goals.

What are action goals?
They are the steps you need to take in order to achieve your ultimate goal.


Last year I didn’t go anywhere for vacation, however this year I would like to.

The Ultimate goal here is to go somewhere for vacation. Although a destination hasn’t been determined yet, I can still continue with my action goals. These are the steps I need to take in order to achieve my main goal:

1. Pick a destination, obviously lol
2. Request days off from work.
3. Save money and budget.
4. Compare prices of flights/hotels.
5. Book the trip.
6. Plan Itinerary.

Like I spoke about in my last post, it is important to keep goals fresh in your mind by putting them somewhere you visit frequently, whether it be in your planner or on the fridge. In addition to that, keeping a separate notebook for goals is also beneficial. I have one, and it has helped me stay more on track, especially with action goals in place. Think of it as your own guide to achievement. I hope this post helped you with your goal plans. Remember to go over to Emily’s page. She has more in depth information on action goals and even more tips to stay on track! Next post is all about Planners. Can’t wait, see you then!



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