Making goals…and keeping them

Hey everyone!

Ever since starting my planner, I’ve been more inclined to make bigger goals for myself. It’s not the first time I’ve thought about my future. I know many of you can contest to having those five and ten-year plan assignments in school. Back then, I really didn’t put much effort into it, just enough for a good grade. Now that I’m much older, I can use that assignment more realistically.

I don’t know about you, but I need to take baby steps when it comes to setting goals. Right now I am working on monthly goals, and one year goals. I made a section in the back of my planner to keep a few monthly goals.


This has kept me on track with my goals. I did pretty well trying this method out. Although some weren’t completed, at least I know which ones I still need to work on. I think one of the main reasons why I wasn’t completely successful is because I have them in the back of my planner, instead of somewhere more visible. If you’re wondering how I did in December, I completed all except one. (I definitely did overspend that month)

Remember 3 Tips:

1. Take baby steps if you have to. It could be by months, weeks or even daily 🙂
2. Make sure to include goals in your planner, but in a place that you see frequently.
3. Don’t get overwhelmed. Take it one day at a time. Some times things get into the way of us accomplishing our goals. If you weren’t able to complete it, make sure that it is on top of the list.

Head over to Emily’s blog to get more tips on goal setting. Next week we will share some goals that both her and I would like to accomplish. See you then!




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