Farewell 2014, Lookin’ good 2015!

Today marks the first of my blog series collaboration with Createyou86 titled “New Year, New You. For three weeks, both Emily and I will post different tips and tricks for you to stay on track with your goals, so make sure you check her out as well! http://createyou86.weebly.com/createyou86-blog

2014 was definitely an awesome year for me, and it will always be one of the most memorable. Here’s some of my best 2014 moments that I would like to share 🙂

20140203_124741 20140109_144319 20140108_144112

The beginning of the year was so brutally cold in New York. It was one of the coldest we had in years, and it lingered until late March. Even people who don’t mind the cold weather season were anxiously waiting for Spring. I work for a boat company, and some days we couldn’t fully operate because part of the ocean was frozen! I’ve never seen anything like that!

2014 Superbowl 48 took place in New Jersey, so it was a big deal for us in New York. For four days, Times Square was turned into Superbowl Blvd. Despite the cold weather, I had to go!


20140201_164402 20140202_172124 20140203_120528

After Superbowl Blvd, Marvin and I went the Sanrio store. I love this pin so much.

Once it got warmer and the days got longer, Marvin and I were out and about LOL. I came across this great site called 1iota. It’s a site that gives out tickets to different TV shows. We got to be apart of Bethenny, Off the Bat, and even scored tickets to the NFL draft at Radio City Music Hall. All for free. 🙂


20140510_161942 20140510_151745

Let’s go Steelers!!

May was when I started planning and organizing my life better. Haven’t looked back since! 😉 A new Planner Addict was born lol.

Summer is always my favorite time of any year because of Marvin and I celebrate our birthdays around the same time in August. However 2014 was more special. I got to go to my first Backstreet Boys concert. I’ve been a fan for over 15 years, so that was really meaningful. KTBSPA!

20140622_204809  20140622_22052420140622_220558

Fall rolled around, and I was super excited decorating for the holidays. I got more involved with the planner community at that point, and that’s when I decided to start the very blog your reading now! I love sharing my creative thoughts and ideas to the world. It really is an amazing feeling!

Marvin and I participated in the Step Out: Walk to stop Diabetes. He is a Type 1 diabetic, so this walk meant a lot to both of us. We managed to raise $175 towards the cause. We completed the 5k walk rain and all that Saturday. It was definitely a day full of accomplishments.


Nick Carter and Jordan Knight went on tour too! You know I had to go 🙂 I got a chance to attend their record release party in September, and their concert in October.

20140903_213857 20140903_214720 20141010_203829 20141010_191426

I loved Christmas this year (my last post explains why) I had so much fun decorating around the house and my planner.


I also made some wonderful friends this year personally, online through social media, and pen pals. I love my planner community for being so welcoming, and inspiring me to start this blog. To my followers thank you so much for your support! I’m so thankful and grateful for the people who have come into my life, and for the ones who have already been in my life, like my Mommy and Marvin. I love you both!

2014, I have no complaints. You really opened my eyes to bigger and better things for 2015. I wanna thank you for that.




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