Holiday DIY Series: Reusing Bath & Body Works candle jars

Hey guys! I hope you had a great Christmas! I know I did. I can’t believe this is the last DIY of my holiday series. *TEAR*

This DIY is so simple to make, like really all you need is a jar, and some washi tape! I’m all for reusing old things, and turning them new again, so I used a Bath & Body Works 3-wick candle jar. I made sure all the wax was out, and cleaned thoroughly. Here’s a great Youtube video from Sparklesparkles5 showing how to do it.



Once your jar is nice and clean, make sure it is completely dry before putting the washi tape on. Start applying the washi tape to the jar making sure there are no air bubbles, and that the tape is straight all around the jar. The great thing about washi tape is that it is repositionable. If you mess up, just lift up and fix.


I chose to keep the lid as well because I most likely will use it as storage on my vanity. You can use these jars in a number of ways. Storing makeup brushes, pens, cotton balls in the bathroom etc. This makes a great gift either filled up with goodies, or by itself!

I really enjoyed doing these DIYs for you guys. If you liked the series please let me know in the comments. What should my next DIY series be on?

As promised I will doing a giveaway really soon! Stay tuned! Make sure you follow my blog, and instagram to know the latest!




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