My December layout!

Hey! I hope everyone is having a great Thursday!

It’s been damp and wintry these last couple of days in New York, but that hasn’t affected my mood one bit. In fact, I’ve been quite busy, as I’m sure many of you are as well. This is my first holiday season with my planner, and it’s so wonderful. Compared to last year I am ten times more organized. Besides that, I love decorating my layouts!

If you read how I got into planning, you know that I’ve watched a ton of planner videos on Youtube. I got so much inspiration, it’s showing lovely in my monthly and weekly layouts! πŸ™‚


This is how my monthly view looks. Between buying my own supplies, and participating in Raks I have more ways to decorate. This time I decided to add some red and white scrapbook paper on the right side. I got this idea from Ms. Belinda Selene. I absolutely love her! You guys should definitely check her out.


The first week of December- Not much really going on. I was excited to use some Christmas stickers I got from a swap.


I was super excited for this week. I’ve been wanting to do a hello kitty theme for a while. It couldn’t have been a better time, I got the Christmas stickers from a swap. Aren’t they so cute! I finally got more washi tape too. I love how it came out!

How are you decorating and staying organized with your planner during the busy holiday? Post your photos on Instagram. Don’t forget to tag me

See you soon!




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