Holiday DIY series: Easy and inexpensive gift idea!

Sometimes gift giving can be hard, take it from me. We spend so much time thinking of what to give that it becomes stressful, and when we get stumped? We take the easy way out, and just give a gift card. Don’t get me wrong, gift cards are awesome, and sometimes they can really come in handy when you’re low on funds. However, in my opinion, actual gifts are appreciated more because of the thought that’s put into it. With that said, it doesn’t have to be the biggest, most expensive gift. Small gifts from the heart can make a big impact!

Pinterest is such a great site! It has really opened my mind up to all the possible things I could make with just a few items. The DIY I am doing today is inspired from a pin I saw about a month ago. I would never think to do this before, but it’s pretty cool, and inexpensive. All you need is a tumbler with a lid and straw (you can find these pretty much anywhere. I got the one shown at Deals for a dollar.) The fun part is filling it up with different goodies! (Note that I am using items of mine to fill as demonstration!) I chose to use some lipsticks, lip balm and mascara. I wanted to have a pink theme going.



Perfect for a last-minute gift!

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