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Starting January 1st, I will be doing a blog collaboration with Emily, co-founder of Createyou86. She has a wonderful selection of fauxdoris for sale, and her blog is awesome. Definitely check her out. I’m so excited! We also have an Instagram photo challenge!


Last, but not least!


Ahhhh! my first giveaway is now live! What’s included: Heidi Swapp gold journal album kit, 4 pack of pencils, small pink polka dot journal, 5 cat paper clips, mini clipboard, and mini adhesive runner.

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Christmas Recap!

Happy Monday everyone! I can’t believe how fast Christmas just comes and goes. I think I say that every year, but it’s so true! Although that seems to always happen, the memories are what stay with me forever. πŸ™‚ This holiday in particular has been great! I’m so excited to share these photos with you guys. Let’s get right into it!

wpid-wp-1419901323657.jpeg wpid-wp-1419901410572.jpeg

The weekend before Christmas was so much fun! On Saturday, Marvin and I went to an ugly Christmas sweater party in New Jersey. We got a chance to spend time with our friends and their kids. I really wanted to get a more “ugly” sweater lol but everywhere was sold out. I still love this sweater from H&M though. It’s definitely not ugly at all.


On Sunday, we went to church service, and attended the annual Christmas dinner. The food was delicious. I love this photo of us!


This cookie decorating kit was just too cute to pass up at Michaels. Christmas Eve, I took a shot at creating a gingerbread house. This house is not made out of gingerbread though, rather sugar cookie (YUM!)

I’m all about giving this time of year. The gifts I received are very much appreciated, I am in no way bragging.


I absolutely love this Laundry by Design coat my mommy got me. The faux fur is very stylish, and warm for cold days in the city. I like it because it’s not something you see everyday.


One of my co-workers knows how much I love Bath and body works candles, so she got me a gift set. I was not expecting that at all. It’s funny because I got her a gift that she didn’t expect either. I participated in a secret Santa at my job. On my wish list I asked for either something Hello Kitty or a wallet, and I got both! lol I also got a body spray with lotion set, and a very pretty 2015 calender from my church.


Christmas day I was stuck at work (Blehhh) but at least I got out at a decent time to celebrate with family. That evening, I began working on somethings for the blog.. which I’m going to talk about in my next post.



Holiday DIY Series: Reusing Bath & Body Works candle jars

Hey guys! I hope you had a great Christmas! I know I did. I can’t believe this is the last DIYΒ of my holiday series. *TEAR*

This DIY is so simple to make, like really all you need is a jar, and some washi tape! I’m all for reusing old things, and turning them new again, so I used a Bath & Body Works 3-wick candle jar. I made sure all the wax was out, and cleaned thoroughly. Here’s a great Youtube video from Sparklesparkles5 showing how to do it.Β https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJx_6j7Jp5Y



Once your jar is nice and clean, make sure it is completely dry before putting the washi tape on. Start applying the washi tape to the jar making sure there are no air bubbles, and that the tape is straight all around the jar. The great thing about washi tape is that it is repositionable. If you mess up, just lift up and fix.


I chose to keep the lid as well because I most likely will use it as storage on my vanity. You can use these jars in a number of ways. Storing makeup brushes, pens, cotton balls in the bathroom etc. This makes a great gift either filled up with goodies, or by itself!

I really enjoyed doing these DIYs for you guys. If you liked the series please let me know in the comments. What should my next DIY series be on?

As promised I will doing a giveaway really soon! Stay tuned! Make sure you follow my blog, and instagram to know the latest!



I’ve been Rak’d!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

Since this is the season of giving, I wanted to share with you some goodies I’ve received. A couple of months ago I got introduced to Raks. RAK stands for Random Acts of Kindness. It’s Β been another side of the planner world revealed to me, and I’m hooked! There are plenty of these kinds of groups on Facebook. The one that I’m in is called RAK Swap “Wake Up Your Mailbox. It’s a really fun group. Click on the link and you’ll get sent directly to the group page. Do note that it is a closed group, meaning you will need to contact the admin Kristy to get approved. Once approved, she will tell you what you need to do from there.

Here’s some pics πŸ™‚


These were the envelopes I sent out for my first group swap. I really enjoyed decorating it! I love Hello Kitty. The photos below are goodies I got in the mail.




wpid-wp-1419479186370.jpeg wpid-wp-1419479029199.jpeg



Β πŸ™‚


Inserts for your Planner! {Inspired by MaeBad}

Hey guys!
Monday I was watching planner videos on Youtube when I discovered something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, and that’s making inserts for my planner! I’ve seen many pretty insert ideas for ring planners, and for the Erin Condren, but not for the type of spiral planner I have. I’m so happy I came across this video from Maebad.

Her tutorial is simple, and real easy to follow. Here’s what I did so far:

wpid-wp-1419001962211.jpeg wpid-wp-1419002083196.jpeg wpid-img_20141215_193100.jpg

Since I was using paper that’s pretty thin, I used some clear tape at the edge to make hole punching easier, and to prevent the paper from tearing. I even added a gift tracker printable so that I can see exactly what gifts I need to get before Christmas. I’m loving my theme this week. The first day of Winter is on the 21st, so I decided to decorate with my stickers I got from Target πŸ™‚

I hope I’ve helped some of you out there! Until next time.



Holiday DIY Series: How to make an envelope quick and easy!

Welcome to another edition of my Holiday DIY series. I can’t believe it’s only 13 days left until Christmas (eeeeeek!) I still have a couple of gifts to get, and after that I will be done. What I’m going to show you today is something I actually learned like two weeks ago–well, I can’t really say I learned it because it’s not much to it, but it was one of those things that just popped into my little creative brain: why not make some pretty envelopes!

Let’s face it, buying a lot of greeting cards is costly. I spend at least ten minutes looking for the right card, and when I finally see one that I like, I flip to the back to see that it’s an outrageous $5.99 or more. I get it, there’s a lot of work that goes into card making, I just personally don’t want to spend the money anymore. Lately I’ve been in a crafty mood, so I decided to make little holiday envelopes.

You can make these anytime of year. I just bought a Christmas theme paper pad from Joann Fabrics online, and it happened to be perfect to use for my little envelopes.


This pad in particular only cost $4.99 with free shipping at the time. Totally worth it!


This paper is 6.5 inches on all sides so there wasn’t a need to cut anything. Depending on the size of paper you use, you may need to cut it down to size. As long as the dimensions are equal on all four sides to form a square you are good.


First thing you are going to do is fold down one corner of your paper to make a flap like so.



Do the same thing to the other sides making sure that all points meet at the center. Make sure to secure 3/4 points together with tape. The result should look similar to the photo above.


The next part is wherever your creativity takes you. You can take your DIY skills to the next level and make a card to go along with your envelope, or you can pop a little note inside like I did.

How simple was that?! It takes only about ten minutes of your time. I’m definitely making more of these, and sending them out to pen pals, Raks, etc.

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Have an awesome Friday!