Cute Halloween Stationary

No the title isn’t wrong, and yes I know Halloween was two weeks ago LOL but I couldn’t resist sharing this with my fellow Planner Addicts. I came across this site called The Sweet Pea Post when searching for an affordable subscription service just for paper crafts. For $4.79 (S+H included) you get an envelope of goodies like washi samples, sticky notes, stickers etc.


I was so excited when my first envelope arrived!


Everything is so cute! I love the black chalkboard stickers 🙂


I love the way she wrapped these stickers!


If you are interested in getting a subscription, the deadline for signing up is always the 7th of each month to receive the current months envelope. Envelopes get sent out on the 11th. If you miss the deadline when signing up, your first subscription letter will be for the following month. I think it’s an awesome little something to get in your mailbox each month.

In my next post I will finally show my planner, the layout, and how I use it from day to day. Can’t wait!




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